Echoes of Swimming

Echoes of Swimming

by Rhian Hutchings, November 20, 2018

Echoes of Swimming

A memory of Stow Hill Baths through sound

11.30am – 4.30pm Saturday 24th November 2018

The Gap Centre, Stow Hill

The Newport Corporation Baths were originally opened in 1890 by the Mayor of Newport and for nearly a century it flourished. In 1984 the Baths was closed. But echoes of swimming can still be heard. Operasonic brings the Baths back to life through sound for Art on the Hill 2018.

Created through collaboration with Year 4 pupils from St Woolos Primary School and facebook users.

Creative Director: Rhian Hutchings

Composer: Kirsten Evans

Download the Art on the Hill 2018 programme to find more details.