We are recruiting: Trainee Producer

We are looking for a person with a passion for music and young people, who is committed to working in the Newport community. This is an entry level role, so we don’t expect any work experience - what we are looking for most of all is a passion for creativity, and an interest in making it accessible for everyone.

The contract on offer is for 10 days initially, at £150 per day. It runs across 2 months from mid-August to mid-October 2021. It equates to just over 1 day per week during that time; the work will require some flexibility - we can work together to find a pattern that suits you and the team.

The Trainee Producer will be responsible to the Executive Producer, and will work with her and with the Board of Trustees to plan and develop work.

How to Apply

Write a cover letter (2 pages or less) or film a video of yourself (no more than 5 minutes). Tell us about yourself, your skills and experience, and what you could bring to the role. We’d like to hear about where you see yourself in the long term, and the experiences that have shaped your journey so far.

Send this with your CV and references to producer@operasonic by Sunday 15 August at 5pm.

You will be informed if you have been invited for interview by Wednesday 18th August.

If you have any questions about the role, have access requirements at any stage (application, interview, or on the job), or need any support in making this application, please do get in touch: producer@operasonic.co.uk . We’re committed to making this role as accessible as possible.

Role Description

The Executive Producer Role is a part-time freelance contract totalling 10 days initially, at £150 per day. These 10 days can be used flexibly throughout August to October 2021, with the hope that we can find funding to extend the contract.

The role encompasses the following responsibilities:

  • coordinating a Newport-based mini-project with young people, exploring Opera through TikTok
  • coordinating for our Opera Creators project - choosing musicians, booking dates, finding attendees, promoting the courses
    contributing regularly to Operasonic’s social media channels
  • attending our media mentoring sessions, and feeding in your opinions on how Operasonic can best engage with our audiences online
  • shadowing the Executive Producer

Key Features of the role:

  • ability to travel to Newport to attend sessions
  • Ability to work from home or from Operasonic office
  • a working knowledge of digital platforms and social media, including zoom, google, facebook, twitter, tiktok
  • some events at evenings and weekends
  • mentoring and training available to support development

Knowledge, and Experience

This is an entry level role, so we don’t expect any work experience - what we are looking for most of all is a passion for creativity, and an interest in making it accessible for everyone.

  Essential Desirable

Experience organising something - this is broad. It could be putting on gigs, running a club, organising shift rotas at work - tell us about how you make things happen. 



Experience of working in an administration team, in any context




Knowledge & Skills 

Strong organisational skills

An understanding of social media and how to use it

An understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion, and a commitment to this in the work



Knowledge of Newport and what’s happening here - this could be the arts scene, or it could be other community groups

Welsh speaker or learner

Some knowledge of social media in a marketing context

An understanding of how to engage with diverse communities and audiences

An understanding of what might be needed to make a project accessible




Personal Qualities 

Flexible approach to work, a positive and proactive attitude

You enjoy creating ideas and discussing project plans

An interest in people and community


A passion for music and song, and a commitment to opening it up to as many people as possible





Over 18 and under 26

We use the word opera, but you don’t need a background in classical music for this job. If you’re interested in music and making things happen we want to hear from you.

Hours: Freelance - 10 days, from mid-August to mid-October

Pay: £150 per day