About Operasonic

by admin, April 22, 2015

Who We Are

Operasonic is a not for profit company limited by guarantee that was formed in November 2014 by Creative Director Rhian Hutchings and based in Newport, South Wales.

Operasonic is passionate about opera and as an artform that connects with people in a direct and visceral way. We are also passionate about young people and their potential and creativity.

We enable young people to own opera, as audiences, as participants, as creators, as leaders. Young people need contemporary opera created on their terms and in their communities, venues, schools, and online spaces. The opera of the future should be driven by them.

Operasonic creates a range of opportunities for young people to explore, create and experience opera, and we put participation at the heart of every creative process we undertake. We work with a wide range of artists who are all committed to making amazing opera with young people.

Get in contact with us via our Contact Us page.

Our People

Executive Producer – Rosey Brown

Our Board

These lovely people meet regularly to help plan all the work Operasonic does.

  • Charles Williams  (chair)
  • Catherine Dacey
  • Emma Newrick
  • Peter Horleston (treasurer)
  • Rhian Hutchings (creative director)
  • Shakira Mahabir

Links to the Sector

Operasonic is proud to be a member of the following networks:

Youth Arts Network Cymru

RESEO – European Network for Opera and Dance Education