Song Creators

For budding song writers aged 14 - 25 years old!

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Welcome to Operasonic

Operasonic loves opera and we bet that you will too. Especially when you start making it with us.

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Opera & science resources for primary schools

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Nightmare Scenario

Aggie Cornog needs your help…join her and be a storybuster!

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Newport Legends

What and who are the legends of Newport? Our young legend makers find out.

Uncover the legends...
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Get involved with Operasonic

Opera isn't just for singers. We need a whole team of enthusiastic creative young minds.

Watch It!

You've probably never seen opera - are you missing out? Watch operasonic live (best) or online (second best).

Champion It!

Are you good at spreading the word? We need champions to make a noise about operasonic on social media (and the old bits-of-paper type media stuff too).

Lead It!

An opera should be about now and about you. We need creative young brains like yours to tell us what to make opera about, and help us reshape opera for the future.

Make It!

We don't remake old opera, we make our own new stories which connect with young people. We want you to come and make it with us!

Hear It!

When was the last time music made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Opera can touch your emotions - come and find out for yourself.

In It!

Operasonic needs you. We’ve got projects coming up that you can take part in. You could be a singer, a designer, a composer, a painter, a gamer, a writer - it’s up to you!

Operasonic Events & Projects

A selection of our upcoming events.

Song Creators

Free online songwriting workshops for 14 – 25 year olds. Our free songwriting workshops are a great opportunity for you to get some support and feedback if you are a budding musician. The workshops will be led by Welsh musicians, covering a range of different genres including pop, rap and … Continue reading

Lysaght Musical

Celebrating the Lysaght Institute in Song! Music pupils from Lliswerry High School, working with composer Richard Barnard and director Kate Willetts, have created seven beautiful songs about the Lysaght Institute across the ages: exploring the music and memories of the building of the Institute the 1920’s; dancing with GI’s in … Continue reading


An operatic space voyage through the history of human transport… for children aged 6 – 12 years old and their families! Captain Houston and Lieutenant Schmidt are counting down to take off. But something goes horribly wrong! Join them as they spin back in time and see cars, lorries, bikes, … Continue reading


Operasonic has partnered with the Weill Institute at Carnegie Hall, New York to bring the Lullaby project to Wales! In Autumn 2019, the first Lullaby Project took place at the Ferndale Community Hub in partnership with Artis Community, Rhondda Cynon Taf Council and the Fern Partnership. Four Lullabies were written … Continue reading

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We are Operasonic

Inspiring Minds | Expanding Horizons | Launching Fresh Ideas

Operasonic is passionate about opera as an artform that connects with people in a direct and visceral way. We are also passionate about young people and their potential and creativity.

We want to enable young people to own opera, as audiences, as participants, as creators, as leaders. Young people need contemporary opera created on their terms and in their communities, venues, schools, and online spaces. The opera of the future should be driven by them.

Ask us a question, or just say hi!

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