Moon Village - Global Science Opera 2017

Operasonic and Clytha Primary School collaborated this autumn to take place in the Global Science Opera 2017. The production this year was entitled Moon Village and told the story of the first children born on the Moon, the first school on the Moon, and the decision to make the Moon an independent community.

Full Moon Village Live Stream

Operasonic / Clytha Primary School GSO Scene

The Operasonic Moon Village scene was created by: Amelie Brown, Cerys Davies, Charlotte Burton, Charmane Astell, Daniel Powell, Eden Perszewski, Evander Wakely, Genny Dinham, Ibrahim Ahmud, Isabella Morgan, Jasmin Sandhu, Jesse Loturco, Katie Burton, Klaudia Korenova, Lois Loturco, Maryam Ahmed, Millie Edmunds, Singh, Nandine Oliver Martin, Sakina Shah, Sibel Taqui, Sophie Griffiths, Tia Smith, Tomos Berry, Yashua Ahmed.

Working with director Rhian Hutchings, composer Helen Woods, designer Ruth Stringer and film-maker Sam Irving. Thanks to Mrs Reynolds, Mrs Davies and all the staff of Clytha Primary School.

Global Science Opera is a project created by Stord / Haugesund University College, Norway.

The GSO vision is to produce annual Global Science Opera productions during which a global community will explore interwoven science, art and technology within a creative and democratic inquiry process. Following scientific inspiration from Professor Bernard Foing (ESTEC), the opera “Moon Village” was created by schools, universities and art institutions in 27 countries in all the inhabited continents: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, USA, Wales and Zambia.

Thanks to Clytha Primary School for partnering with Operasonic to fund and deliver this project.