Calling Newport Songwriters, Rappers and Musicians!!

Operasonic is offering a mini commission for a local songwriter or musician

We are looking for someone to create a song or piece of music inspired by the Folk of the Footbridge project.

Folk of the Footbridge is a project led by Friends of Newport Museum and Art Gallery and Newport Museum. Inspired by the new footbridge over the Usk, the project brings together pictures, memories and artwork created and contributed by members of the Newport community.

Explore the Folk of the Footbridge Blog!


We want you to find something in the blog that inspires you and create a musical piece in response to it. It could be a song, a rap, a piano piece, an EDM track - we want to hear from you! You could explore ships on the Usk, Rodney parade, how the footbridge was built, the river, or how the bridge sounds.

The final musical piece will become part of the Folk of the Footbridge archive and will feature in a podcast walk that is being created as part of the project. 

The fee for this commission is £300. However, there is a tight timescale for the project. 

The musical piece must be completed by Friday 25th June. You will need to create a recording of the piece yourself to send to us by this date.

If you would like to put an idea forward, please send a short outline of your idea and an example of your music to by midnight on Friday 11th June.