Deeds not Words - Operasonic, WNO & John Frost High School

Operasonic is currently collaborating with Welsh National Opera to explore political activism and 'Deeds not Words' in preparation for their forthcoming opera Rhondda Rips it Up! Operasonic's Rhian Hutchings is working with a group of Year 9 & 10 drama and music students in John Frost High School, and will be collaborating with a writer, composer and the students to create a curtain raiser performance for the premier of Rhondda on 7th June at The Riverfront Theatre in Newport.

The project kicked off this month with Rhian, writer Patrick Jones and assistant director Kate Willetts visiting the group and exploring what its like to write your passion. Students spoke frankly about what they care about and why they don't feel their voices are heard. After three mornings in school, a vast amount of material has been created and its clear that these young people are smart, articulate, and very talented!

Operasonic is looking forward to an amazing final performance in June. We'll be updating you next month as we start composition sessions!