Newport Legends - Creators Grown & Pledgers Needed!

Things are now moving fast on the Newport Legends project! Last night saw the premier performance of The Legend of Tom Prothero at Clytha Primary School. You can listen to the performance on Soundcloud. Even more exciting, last week we began sessions at St Woolos Primay School led by composer Stacey Blythe and director Pip Reeves. The group will be writing the Legend of Twm Barlwm, and have already been exploring the story of Jackie as he wanders the hill at dusk! Next week director Polly Graham will be spending time visiting groups at Communities House in Maindee, and composer Jack White will be working their youth group. The Legend of Maindee will take shape over the next two months and will be premiered at the Maindee Festival on 1st July. Tickets are now on sale for our final performance at The Riverfront Theatre at 4.30pm on Sunday 2nd July. You can book online or via The Riverfront Theatre box office. Time to be a legendary pledger - we need you now! Operasonic have just 7 days to raise our final total, and we need just £950 to reach our goal. Please help us now and make our final Newport Legends performance really special. Pledging is really easy - just click the link below to go to our Crowdfunder Page and pick a reward or just pledge an amount. Your donation will support the following:

  • T-shirts for every participant in the final show
  • an ensemble of four professional musicians to accompany our groups
  • the memorable experience of performing on the Riverfront main stage in front of an audience
  • technical costs to make the performance as slick and professional as possible

We need all the support we can get and we're counting on all of our Operasonic supporters to pledge!! Rhian Hutchings, Creative Director