Pamina's Story


Pamina is the daughter of the Queen of the Night. She is being kept prisoner by Sarastro. She’s about to be rescued by Prince Tamino.

Operasonic has created a special three day workshop exploring the character of Pamina. In six different sessions, young people will explore her story, design a costume for her, and create and direct a performance of new songs for Pamina.

This workshop is suitable for schools or youth groups. Operasonic will bring a team comprising of a composer, singer, designer and director to deliver the workshop sessions.

If you are interested in booking Pamina's Story, please contact Rhian via our Contact Page

Pamina's Story in Pillgwennly
May 2015

You can hear the songs that were written on our Soundcloud Page

Creative Team

Composer: Helen Woods
Designer: Kitty Callister
Soprano: Sam Hay

Funded by Pillgwennly Regeneration Project