Art On The Hill

Art on the Hill is a local Newport Festival celebrating art in the city. It takes place every November.

AOTH 2022 - Open Mic

1pm - 2.30pm, Sunday 27th November 2022 @ The Westgate Hotel Bar

Operasonic are opening a musical space at the Westgate Hotel as part of Art on the Hill this year to celebrate the musical talent in Newport. 

Our Operasonic Open Mic event will run on Sunday 27th November from 1pm - 2.30pm in the Westgate Hotel Bar. Performers can have a maximum of ten minutes but you can just come and do one song if you want! 

To sign up, please fill out this form and let us know what you are planning.

Find out more on the Art on the Hill website

AOTH 2019 - Re-Sounding Turmoil

Six pieces inspired by protest presented by Operasonic and Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Saturday 23rd November 2019 at The Westgate Hotel, Newport


BY ELLA ROBERTS The Voice of the People explores the Chartist Rebellion and links it to events impacting today's political climate. These themes are explored through original sound and visual, incorporating the poem 'The Voice of the People' by WHC which featured in The Northern Star, a Chartist Newspaper.

BY NATHAN LUCK This piece takes the six key policies of the Charter and explores them sonically, whilst reflecting on today's political climate.

BY NATALIE ROE One explores how a protest begins with just one person speaking out and how change would not occur without this happening. The projections also symbolise this, and are distorted and changed as viewers walk in front of them, changing the way others see them.

BY ETHNIE FOULKES Llef (to cry out) is a work for voice, drums and electronics. It focuses on the on-going journey of protest and political participation, featuring voices from the Newport community in discussion about political activism.

BY NIAMH O'DONNELL Inspired by the Charter, this piece uses samples from infamous moments in the UK Parliament over the last three years, transforming them into beats. Alongside these political 'beats', a solo drum becomes the voice of the people fighting against them.

BY ELLA PENN This piece was created using a soundscape and recordings of singers from RWCMD. The vocal part is based on a transcription of a dramatic reading of the six parts of The People's Charter and accompanied by visuals taken at the 2019 Torch Lit March.

AOTH 2018 - Echoes of Swimming

A memory of Stow Hill Baths through sound

Saturday 24th November 2018

The Gap Centre, Stow Hill

The Newport Corporation Baths were originally opened in 1890 by the Mayor of Newport and for nearly a century it flourished. In 1984 the Baths was closed. But echoes of swimming can still be heard. Operasonic brings the Baths back to life through sound for Art on the Hill 2018.

Created through collaboration with Year 4 pupils from St Woolos Primary School and facebook users with composer Kirsten Evans and Creative Director Rhian Hutchings.