Eden Gate Project

Since September 2022 we have been working with The Wallich and Eden Gate in Stow Hill, to run weekly music making sessions for homeless and vulnerably people and rough sleepers in Newport.

We initially used the model of a choir, however, we soon realised that this term and set-up was too formal. The weekly sessions are now more like jamming sessions. Our music leader Eoghan, brings instruments, percussion, an inclusive and flexible open approach and an ability to play requests! The Eden gate CEO plays piano and so the participants see us working together to create a joyful experience.

It also allows any members who are musically inclined to play their own songs, ensuring performance of any kind is encouraged. These sessions aim to achieve the following outcomes:

-decreased isolation and loneliness amongst Newport's homeless community
-increased social and interaction skills
-built self-esteem
-creative relief from the multiple stresses and challenges faced
-opportunities to develop or hone musical skills (guitar, piano, ukulele, percussion and singing) 
-opportunities to progress into a potential “core team” developing leadership and mentoring skills for others (as the project grows)

Seen, heard, valued and welcomed

We currently welcome around 30 people each week.

Sessions are on Mondays from 10-12 and anyone who is eligible too use the Eden Gate drop-in service is welcome to come along!