Newport Legends

What and who are the legends of Newport? Are there mythological beasts that once roamed the shores of the Usk? Is there a Maindee community member who bravely saved someone's life? What old stories do grandparents tell their grandchildren in Pillgwennlly?

Between September 2016 and July 2017, we uncovered the legends of  Newport working with local young people. Each legends was transformed into a performance that brings together music, storytelling, design and drama - all the ingredients of opera.

Our young opera creators worked with composers, directors and opera singers to create their legends and share them with their communities.

Find out how it went by watching our Newport Legends Mini-Doc Read the press preview and the review of the final performance.

You can also see photos from the workshops and photos from the final performance in our media centre.

The project worked with 253 participants, 17 artists and performed to 340 audience members.

The Legend of the Flood: September - December 2016

St Michaels Primary School with director Rhian Hutchings and Composer Helen Woods

The Legend of Tom Prothero: January - March 2017

Clytha Primary school with director Hannah Noone and composer Richard Barnard.

The Legends of Twm Barlwm: March - July 2017

St Woolos Primary School with director Pip Reeves and composer Stacey Blythe

The Legends of Maindee: December 2016 - July 2017

Various groups from Maindee with director Polly Graham and composer Jack White.

Final Newport Legends Performance: Sunday 2nd July 2017

In collaboration with The Riverfront Theatre, we brought all four Newport Legends together in a final performance. The four legends were linked by mini-gem opera settings of other Newport Legend stories created by world-class opera composer Errollyn Wallen.

The Creative Team

Rhian Hutchings - Creative Director

Amy Morgan - Producer

Errollyn Wallen - Legend Links Composer

Seren Fenoulhet - Designer Newport Legends was supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Ty Cerdd, Newport Live, and created in partnership with The Riverfront Theatre.