Opera Creators

Our Opera Creators projects bring artists together with young people to make short operas. Sometimes they take place in schools. Sometimes they bring families together to perform at our local Newport summer festivals. They always have creativity at their heart! 


Opera Creator 2020 - St Woolos Primary explored the story of the Nicky Nicky Nye over teams with artists Helen Woods and Dyfed Wyn Evans.

Opera Creators 2019 - young people and their families created a new short opera called Breaking Out of the Box exploring the story of Houdini visiting Newport. Pupils from Maindee Primary and Lliswerry High School took part in the writing process. The opera was performed at Big Splash 2019 by a family choir. The project was led by Helen Woods and Dyfed Wyn Evans, with design by Ruth Stringer.

Opera Creators 2018 - young people created an opera exploring plastic in the oceans. The opera was performed at Maindee Festival. 

Opera Creators has been supported by Arts Council Wales, The Moondance Foundation, The Santander Foundation, Ty Cerdd, and is created in partnership with Maindee Festival, The Riverfront Theatre and Newport Live.

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